Rajabali Rayati
Rajabali Rayati

Rajabali Rayati

Email:   r.rayati[at]umz.ac.ir
Degree: Assistant Professor
Research Interests
teaching methodology, teacher education
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Journal Papers:
  1. رعیتی دماوندی، ر. و یعقوبی، ب. ویگوتسکی و استفاده از زبان اول در آموزش زبان دوم. مجله بازتاب دانش: نشریه‏ای در باره شناخت، مغز و رفتار. زمستان 1388.
  2. رولن، توماس و بیورک، کریستوفر. تعلیم و تربیت در ژاپنمترجم. مازندران. انتشارات دانشگاه مازندران. پاییز 1383

  3. Rayati Damavandi, R., Yaqubi, B. and Azizi, M. (2006). General English for University students: Developing Skills and Strategies. Tehran Rahnama Press.
  4. Yaqubi, B. & Rayati Damavandi, R.(2009). Reading Academically: A Task- Oriented Approach. Tehran: Rahnama Press.
  5. Yaqubi, B., Rayati Damavandi, R., and Alamzade, N. (2010). The involvement load hypothesis and vocabulary learning: The case of task types and involvement index. Journal of Teaching Language Skills. 2(1), 145-163.
  6. Rayati Damavandi, R., Yaqubi, B. and Hekmatshoar, B. (2011).Identification and Taxonomy of the Impediments in Teaching English in High Schools in Mazandaran. Roshd Foreign Language Teaching. Vol. 26, NO. 1, Pp. 43-56.
  7. Rayati Damavandi, Rajabali.& Rahmani Doqaruni, V. 2011. The effect of pre-task planning on the accurate use of articles in a narrative task. Roshd Foreign Language Teaching. Vol 25, NO. 2. pp. 40-46.
  8. Rayati Damavandi, R., Yaqubi, B. and Harsej, R. 2012. L1 Use and the Language-Related Episodes in an EFL Setting. Journal of Language Teaching Skills(Shiraz University). Vol. 3, NO. 4, Pp. 1-30
Conference Papers:

1.    Rayati Damavandi, R. and Sara Hassanpour.2012. An investigation of the Impact of the Iranian EFL teachers' sense of self-efficacy on their Instructional Skills. International Conference on the Science and Art of Language Teaching. Universiti Tecknologi MARA Perlis, Malaysia.

2.    Rayati, R.& Harsej, R.(2009). Socio-cognitive functions of L1 in pair work in an EFl context. Paper presented at the 7th TELLSI Conference: New Horizons in Language Education, Yazd, Iran.


3.    Rayati, R. & Mirsanjari, M.(2008). Novice teachers’ diaries in relation to students’ errors and error correction. Paper presented at the 1st international conference on Literature, Languages and Linguistics, Athens, Greece.

4.    Rayati, R.(2001).Anaphora in English, Persian, and Interlanguage: A Sociolinguistics Perspective. paper presented at the 8th international conference on cross-cultural communication, Hong Kong.

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