Akram Nakhaei
Akram Nakhaei

Akram Nakhaei

Email:  akram.nakhaei[at]ustmb.ac.ir
Degree: Assistant Professor
  • Diploma: Mathematics- 2007

Farzanegan Highschool, Birjand

  •  Bachelor of Science: Information Technology - 2011

          Amirkabir University of Technology, IR

         Supervisor: Dr Mohammad Mehdi Ebadzadeh.

         BSc Project title: "Newton-based Multi-scale Swarm Optimizer."

  • Master of Science: Information Technology (Computer Networks) - 2013

         Amirkabir University of Technology, IR

         Supervisor: Dr Masoud Sabaei.

         Thesis title: "Designing an Efficient Algorithm for Interactive Video-on-Demand on Peer-to-Peer Networks."

  • Doctor of Philosophy: Information Technology (Information Systems) – 2021

          Tarbiat Modares University, IR

          Supervisors: Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Sepehri, and Dr. Toktam Khatibi.

         Advisor: Dr Pejman Shadpour.

         Dissertation title: "Designing a Clinical Intelligent Framework for Predicting Fistula Disorders."


Research Interests
  1. Data Mining
  2. Applied Machine learning
  3. Knowledge Modeling
  4. Bioinformatics
Honors and Awards
  1. Ranked 405th in the university entrance exam, 2007
  2. Ranked 30th in the MSc  entrance exam, 2011
  3. Ranked 9th in the PhD entrance exam, 2015

Previous and Present Positions
Professional Membership
  1. Reviewer of International Journal of Hospital Research (IJHR) - 2019 till now
  2. Reviewer of Informatics in Medicine Unlocked - 2023 till now
  3. Member of Research system of Iran University of Medical Sciences - 2020 till now
  4. Member of the core of Hospital Management Research Center, Hasheminejad Kidney Center -2018 till now

Teaching Experiences
  • Multimedia systems/environments
  • Internet engineering/basics
  • Fuzzy Decision Support Systems
  •  Information Resource Management
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • Basics of Programming
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Research Method
Journal Papers:


  1. Studying the Effects of Systemic Inflammatory Markers and Drugs on AVF Longevity through a Novel Clinical Intelligent Framework, IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, 2020, vol. 24, issue 11 (Authors: Akram Nakhaei, Mohammad Mehdi Sepehri, Pejman Shadpour, Toktam Khatibi)
  2.  Predicting Arteriovenous Fistula Non-Maturation in Hemodialysis Patients: Analytics of Inflammatory Markers and Serum Metabolic Values, Journal of Hospital Research, 2020, vol. 9, issue 3 (Authors: Akram Nakhaei, Mohammad Mehdi Sepehri, Pejman Shadpour, Morteza Khavanin Zadeh)
  3. “A promising method for handling attributes and class noises in medical data, ” Journal of Hospital Research, 2023, vol. 12, issue 1 (Authors: Akram Nakhaei, Mohammad Mehdi Sepehri, Toktam Khatibi)
  4.  Impact of preoperative blood pressure levels on arteriovenous fistula failure, Iranian Journal of Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy, 2021, vol. 1, issue 2 (Authors: Amir Bahrami-Ahmadi, Haleh Chehrehgosha, Morteza Khavanin Zadeh, Akram Nakhaei)
  5. Non-Dialyzable Uremic Toxins and Renal Tubular Cell Damage in CKD Patients: a Systems Biology Approach, European Journal of Medical Research, 2023, Submitted (Authors: Roya Asadi, Pejman Shadpour, Akram Nakhaei)
  6. Arteriovenous Fistula Longevity in Hemodialysis Patients: A Comprehensive Analysis of Medication Impact during the Maintenance Phase, Seminars in Dialysis, 2023, Submitted (Authors: Akram Nakhaei, Morteza Khavanin Zadeh, Ruhola Bagheri)
  7. Investigating the Effect of Patient-Related Factors on Right Jugular Hemodialysis Catheter Survival Using Data Mining, European Journal of Medical Research, 2023, Submitted (Authors: Morteza Khavanin Zadeh, Akram Nakhaei, Neda Abdolvand)
Conference Papers:
Supervised Dissertations and Theses
Research Projects

1.  “Design, implementation, and evaluation of a neural network model to analyze and evaluate the main competencies of medical students,” Birjand University of Medical Sciences (In progress).

2.  “Identification of drug targets for the treatment of acute renal failure,” Iran University of Medical Sciences (2023).

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